This is bubbles under water with light shining against various rays of blue, representing the use of water in episode 10 of Beyond Evil.
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“Unless you’re reborn, you can’t win.”

This episode of Beyond Evil picks up with Han Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo) at a hotel in Busan. There, his childhood tutor Kwon Hyuk (Park Ji Hoon) reports back with details about what happened in Munju even though Joo Won doesn’t seem to care. Still, Hyuk informs Joo Won that the murder case involving Kang Jin Mook (Lee Kyu Hoe) is closed and that the person who provided the fishing line is still unknown. Since Joo Won is stoic while he continuously tells him to go, Hyuk teases him about Yoo Jae Yi (Choi Sung Eun) and reveals that she disappeared. “I thought she ran away with you,” Hyuk jokes, and then begins pestering Joo Won about Lee Geum Hwa’s (Cha Chung Hwa) case with cold words about his naivety. “Unless you’re reborn, you can’t win,” Hyuk adds. Unknowingly, his words served to jolt Joo Won outside of his narrowed perspective, to see that he had to be willing to change his personality furthermore to be able to take on people like Lee Dong Shik (Shin Ha Kyun).

Now, near a sea port in Busan, Joo Jae Yi works among elderly fish mongers who have taken her as one of their own even though they don’t really know anything about her. But while she chats with them, Joo Won suddenly shows up, just as Nam Sang Bae (Chun Ho Jin) scours the area in search of Jae Yi. In response, Jae Yi runs away.

Since Joo Won is so suspicious of Sang Bae, he decides to follow his every step. But later, we find Joo Won in a hotel room, looking at a security footage from a dashcam footage from the night of Jin Mook’s murder/suicide. With the use of flashbacks, this episode reveals the details that weren’t as readily available to us in episode nine of Beyond Evil so that we can get a better picture of what was happening until we find Nam Sang Bae in police custody, awaiting his interrogation session.

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In the police station, station chief Jung Cheol Moon (Jung Gyoo Soo), now superintendent, is very stiff about interrogating Nam Sang Bae while his subordinates cower at the idea of treating Sang Bae like any other criminal. They struggle to convince Sang Bae to talk but he already informed them that he was unwilling to participate in a useful interrogation unless the police officer was Oh Ji Hwa (Kim Shin Rok) or Lee Dong Shik so he basically sits in silence until Dong Shik is able to talk to him.

But Dong Shik has had to deal with another painful tragedy: exhuming the remains of his dear sister Yu Yeon from, out of all places, his basement wall. The scene is so horrific, even though his friend Park Jeong Je (Choi Dae Hoon) is meant to comfort Dong Shik, while on scene, Jeong Je’’s stunned when he realizes where Yu Yeon’s body had been buried. “You were here?” he asks the wind. “Here?” In the end, Jeong Je’s behaves so strangely, Ji-Hwa asks if he’s OK.

Considering this, it’s a marvel that Dong Shik is able to recover quickly enough to go to the station to find Nam Sang Bae and he even tells him about Yu Yeon. “I imagined how it would be for 21 years,” he said, going on to describe his desperate and growing concern for his sister’s well-being and disbelieve that she was dead all these years, until the moment he finally decided to accept her death. The entire scenario is so cruel and absurd, all he can do is laugh in pain.

Then he finally interrogates Sang Bae about his involvement in Jin Mook’s murder. Sang Bae answers with a resounding “no” to every incriminating question he is asked, then he apologizes to Dong Shik for failing him in the investigation of his sister’s murder. But Dong Shik is insistent that he doesn’t want him to do anything that would put him in harm’s way. “Nothing bad will happen to me,” Nam Sang Bae assures Dong Shik, adding “after putting an end to everything, I will leave Munju and I’ll live to an old age somewhere nice.”

At dinner later on, everyone is concerned about Sang Bae. But Jeong Je is especially concerned about how Dong Shik is doing because of his sister but, Jae Yi understands that the best thing to say isn’t to ask how he is doing so, she congratulates him on a job well done. Jeong Je awkwardly follows suit. Then they decide to focus on the positive aspects of Sang Bae’s case and eat. Just then, Ji Hwa walks in with video footage of the inspectors who were in Sang Bae’s office so, they all brainstorm about who might have framed Sang Bae. To the others, the answer isn’t so obvious, they suspect that it could be anyone but, Dong Shik is certain that it could only be Joo Won so, he goes to Joo Won’s condo to inform him that he knows everything.

As if expecting him, Joo Won prepares food enough for two people and receives Dong Shik casually. He is completely unphased by Dong Shik’s suspicions and boldly lies about his involvement in Sang Bae’s case. Trying to sow doubt in Dong Shik, Joo Won tells him to be more suspicious of the people around him but Dong Shik is unmoved. When Dong Shik leaves Joo Won’s condo, he makes a quick call to a friend to get a file analyzed.

Another day passes and Jeong Je continues to act weird. He even puts his face into fresh water and holds out his hand to a reflection of himself in his youth, presumably fixated on his mistakes and a flashback helps to put his fears into perspective. Through his fixation, we see that Yu Yeon had gone out to see him and then left him as he asked for her to stay. As if she was aware of his breakdown, his mother Do Hae Won (Kil Hae Yeon), visits him at work, just as he’s finished yearning for the past to change. When Hae Won finds Jeong Je, she can see that he’s disturbed so, she goes through his office drawer to find that he’d been drawing more. This concerns her.

In the meantime, Dong Shik goes to Jae Yi’s shop to inform her that her anonymous blackmailer was Joo Won; he opens this news will help to pry information from her. Still, Jae Yi insists that she didn’t see anything when she was at the station to see Jin Mook. Her staunch defense of the person she saw reveals that it was likely Nam Sang Bae. Just as Dong Shik asks if Sang Bae killed Jin Mook, we find Sang Bae again in his holding cell waiting to be let out. We also see that Joo Won is there to see him off but when no one is looking, he puts a tracking device on Sang Bae so that he can follow him. Joo Won ends up tracking Sang Bae to headquarters. While there, he finds officer Hwang Gwang Young (Baek Suk Kwang) and Jo Gil Goo (Son Sang Gyu) in the lobby and they both say they are there to meet a friend. He also sees his father, who is ready yet again, with a lecture.

Then a transition in Beyond Evil shows Jeong Je’s mother at a restaurant with Ji Hwa’s ex-husband, Chairman Lee Chang Jin (Heo Sung Tae). She’s there to ask if she can get anxiety medicine but she’s reluctant to say who it’s for. Chang Jin can immediately tell that it’s for her son. We learn a few things from their encounter: that they have been connected with each other for many years, that Hae Won is concerned about what he might do if he knows too much about her son, that the case of Yu Yeon worries them because it somehow impedes their ability to develop their property, and that Hae Won has two phones, one of which she refuses to answer while in company.

In any case, Ji Hwa goes to the forensic team to get an update about Yu Yeon’s case just as Dong Shik goes to learn more about his sister’s state. Through Ji Hwa’s conversation with her colleagues, we learn that Jin Mook was telling the truth when he said he didn’t kill Yu Yeon because his pattern of killing wasn’t used on her. As Dong Shik goes to find her remains, we see a visual representation of Ji Hwa’s conversation, as she details the multiple fractures in Yu Yeon’s body at the time of her death. The forensic team determine that Yu Yeon’s injuries match up with a victim of a car accident more, specifically, with someone who had been ran over multiple times. Overwhelmed by this information, Dong Shik calls Nam Sang Bae but when the line connects, the person on the other line stays silent during Dong Shik’s exacerbated rant and he only hears breathing. Shortly after this mysterious interaction, we see a wounded Sang Bae and a dark figure moving him into a silver SUV and then driving away, just as Joo Won comes upon the scene to find a pool of blood and a hidden recording device. A flash interjection shows that whoever Sang Bae met was someone he didn’t feel safe around because he had a gun with him.

Joo Won attempts to follow the killer and save Sang Bae and on his way, he calls Dong Shik to detail everything that is happening. Dong Shik calls for back up. Though unfortunately, the suspect is able to get a steep head start and dodge Joo Won. When Joo Won is finally able to determine that Sang Bae was taken to a nearby port, his tracking signal is lost. Worse, since it’s dark and difficult to see anything, he has to get out of his car to look around. Suddenlt, he hears the sound of something dropping in water. Joo Won immediately jumps in but shortly after, with police and other first responders on scene, we find a wet Joo Won, pleading for forgiveness from a lifeless body that is covered with a blanket. Dong Shik arrives on scene to uncover the body and confirm that it is indeed Sang Bae but, even though Joo Won told him that Sang Bae was dead, Dong Shik is confounded. This episode of Beyond Evil ends with a depleted Dong Shik, asking Sang Bae to get up. “Please get up. Chief! Please get up!” Dong Shik cries, as the voice of Sang Bae faintly creeps up, singing “without you, I’m so lonely on this road.”

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