This is a man in dark brown slacks and boots in the muddy woods during the bright summer afternoon. The man is standing just a step away from a shovel which is helf vertifically, suggesting that he is holding the shovel. It is used to describe the fact that the murder in Beyond Evil is mysterous and dangerous. In episode nine, we discover that a body has been burried, so the image is also used to illustrate this  gruesome information.
Tim Foster

With the release of every new episode of Beyond Evil, the show forces you to build an attachment with Lee Dong Shik’s (Shin Ha Kyun) pain and boy, is he in pain.

Episode 9 of Beyond Evil follows up with Dong Shik and Han Joo Wan (Yeo Jin Woo) after the news of the suicide/murder of Kang Jin Mook (Lee Kyu Hoe). Joo Wan is in a meeting to inspect his conduct regarding Lee Geum Hwa (Cha Chung Hwa) but instead of accepting comments of congratulations, he confesses that his abuse of authority with a failed sting operation ended up in the death of Geum Hwa and asks to be disciplined. “Please have me punished,” he pleaded. But of course, his dad’s reputation protects him so, he walks away disappointed but unscathed.

Three months after Jin Mook’s death, Dong Shik is in his house watching old home-made videos that Jin Mook made with Dong Shik’s mother.  In the video, Dong Shik’s mother references construction work which she hopes Jin Mook will take a break from. Stuck on Jin Mook’s words, Dong Shik rewinds the video multiple times to find as many clues as he can to finding his sister Yu Yeon’s hidden body. We then see a determined Dong Shik breaking apart Jin Mook’s house in search of Yu Yeon but all his efforts yield nothing so all he can do is watch the video tapes yet again.

As is typical of Beyond Evil, through banter from the other cops at the Manyang station, we learn that Joo Wan hasn’t been seen in the station for months and that Dong Shik took a promotion that was offered to them both but, was turned down by Joo Wan. Their gossip is mostly about what they would do if they got the opportunities that the two got and also that Dong Shik is acting strange since he couldn’t find his sister’s burial site. Dong Shik is back to his old rigid ways and so, on their routine patrol, Dong Shik and Oh Ji Hoon (Nam Yoon Su) discuss Joo Jae Yi’s (Choi Sung Eun) disappearance and then Dong Shik comes across empty alcohol bottles in front of Jae Yi’s store and a group of local women illegally gambling inside. He determines that he has to arrest the women and takes them to the station to record their details.

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At the station, as all the women are flustered, and as they attempt to leave the station in defense of their right to “have fun” as they please, suddenly, Joo Wan walks in to be reinstated. But he isn’t the only one to return to town. Jae Yi goes straight to police upon her return home to confess that she attempted to murder Jin Mook. When asked why she confessed, she admits that it’s because an anonymous person sent her a threatening message about a dash cam footage which incriminates her in Jin Mook’s murder. In the end though, she admits that she didn’t do it but she neglects to tell the police that she saw someone at the station since it’s someone that she wants to protect. The security camera doesn’t show who it is but we can easily determine that it’s someone she often has dinner with in one of her daily group dinners.

In another part of town, Joo Wan meets with his father Han Ki Hwan (Choi Jin Ho) where his father hopes to encourage him to return to his original position in Seoul. But, their family aide, Kwon Hyuk (Park Ji Hoon) slides in with news about the dash cam footage of Jae Yi. Everyone is surprised except for Joo Wan and on top of that, he’s acting out of character by being cheeky and disorderly. No matter what his father says to him, he’s ready with resistance. He even walks out of the dinner with a determination to distance himself from his father. This marks the beginning of a change in Joo Wan.

Somehow though, everyone knows about the dash cam footage leak including Park Jeong Je’s (Choi Dae Hoon) mom Do Hae Won (Kil Hae Yeon and CEO Lee Chang Jin (Heo Sung Tae ). Their discussion doesn’t seem relevant until you look at the grand scheme of things: They are always connected to everything and Hae Won seems to be protecting something that her son did? What do you think he did?

In any case, the frustration about what is going on in Beyond Evil boils over to the characters in the show and in the end, detective Oh Ji Hwa ( Kim Shin Rok) confronts Dong Shik, Jeong Je and Chief Nam dang Shae( Chun Ho Jin) about withholding details of the case for months and also, for protecting Jae Yi during her disappearance. Her prying convinces Jeong Je and Dong Shik to finally include her in their plans. So, they show her footage of Jin Mook’s home videos and they brainstorm on the location of the construction site that Dong Shik’s mom referenced in a video and how it relates to Jin Mook’s last words to Dong Shik. With Ji Hwa’s help, they refocus their sites on other places that Jin Mook could have done construction work and narrow in on an old hideout where Dong Shik and Jeong Je frequented in their youth. The location of this place? An old farm that was owned by Jeong Je’s mother which, through a transfer of ownership, now belonged to Ji Hwa’s ex, Lee Chang Jin. And so, begins an excavation effort to find Yu Yeon’s body.

It seems, the whole station helps Dong Shik in his efforts to dig on Lee Chang Jin’s land. While doing so, Oh Ji Hoon comes across a dead body. Isn’t it strange that it’s always him? Either he is really unlucky or hmm …You know? Anyway, this prompts the need for Chang Jin’s consent to look further into the land (although permission should have been granted before the digging began). During Chang Jin’s interrogation, Ji Hwa gets a notification that the police force was able to find many dead bodies hidden on the property. Interestingly, Chang Jin gets the same notification which means that he has a cop leaking details about all the happenings in the police force which, is strange since he’s just supposed to be a construction company CEO. Right?  What could he possibly need to track? In any case, despite all the dead bodies, none seem to be Yu Yeon and so a disappointed Dong Shik goes home to wait for official reports about who the victims were.

When Dong Shik goes home, he finds Joo Wan watching Jin Mook’s home made videos. Joo Wan basically tells Dong Shik that he’s on to him but of course, Dong Shik is just amused. Still, Joo Wan hits hard and basically blames Dong Shik for everything and then threatens to catch him as he breaks the law saying, “guys like that should be torn into pieces.”  (At this point, it seems that even though Joo Wan is aware that Dong Shik isn’t a murderer, his bruised ego won’t allow him to move on from his humiliation from being manipulated.)

Despite all this, Dong Shik is focused on his goal to find his sister but takes a visit to see his mother in hospital for reprieve. Since Jin Mook was the one to regularly visit her, she mistakes Dong Shik for him and tells Jin Mook, “don’t do the construction work. Just leave the boiler,” while in a daze. She unknowingly revealed a longstanding hidden truth in Beyond Evil. With this revelation, Dong Shik goes home and begins dismantling the cement in his basement, then he finally finds Yu Yeon’s remains in one of his basement walls.

While that is going on, we see Joo Won following Chief Nam Sang Bae to Jae Yi’s butcher shop. In the shop, Sang Bae alerts Jae Yi that he knows that she saw him at the station on the night of Jin Mook’s murder. But before he can confirm his suspicions, police walk in to arrest him on suspicion of Jin Mook’s murder. As Dong Shik attempts to call police to recover his sister’s remains, he gets the call that Sang Bae was arrested. And so, shortly after, a team of inspectors rummage the station and reveal that the murder weapon used to kill Jin Mook along with a death certificate were left inside a safe in an office.

As this episode of Beyond Evil comes to a close, we see Sang Bae in a police car as he stares off to look at a missing poster for Yu Yeon, just as Joo Wan drives off. Then we finally see who left the evidence in the station’s safe: Joo Won.

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