This is a sign of a protester that reads 'There is no planet B" used to refer to the idea that in episode 3 season 3 of Insecure, Issa has one one option available to her.
Markus Spiske

It’s time that everyone changed.

A change is coming in ‘Insecure’. Issa is finally making important developments in the fourth episode ‘Fresh-Like’. She’s showing us that sometimes making a change for the better takes a gamble and for her, that means leaving a secure job to find something she’s passionate about.

In this episode, Issa has finally moved into her new affordable apartment and said her good byes and thank yous to Daniel, which is novel for her. And with that, all the other memorabilia that have been holding her down from her past  have also been removed. Make room for the new Issa.

The theme this time around, is change. And it comes in the form of a new edgy guy, Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) who forces her to push past her boundaries and open up about stuff that people would typically be reserved for intimate people in her life. 

He is audacious, and confidently so, and this vibe seeps into Issa in little ways. First of all, she cancels a meeting she has been waiting for at work, to give him a tour of her childhood neighborhood, then she goes skinny dipping with him at her old house. Let’s call it what it is, she was trespassing.

This move though romanticized as fun and risky, is a red flag. Issa has already proven that she’s impressionable when she respects a person, so the fact that she’s willing to break a law to impress this guy, makes you pause and think, is he good for her?

The second notable change is that Issa quit her job and is now focused on advancing her self with projects that elevate and make good use of her time and interests. It was sudden but she finally realized that staying at a place like “We got y’all” which did not motivate her, would stifle her growth. Since it didn’t excite passion in her and since she finally found direction in her life path, she realized that she wanted to do outreach with music in her community. It seems the best place to work would be the outreach program that was introduced in the previous episode. Honestly, I wouldn’t advise someone to leave a job without having some kind of security, like money saved or a new job offer, but it seems that she feels confident leaving without feeling that everything will collapse around her.

Like always, Molly (Yvonne Orji) is still making mistakes, in prioritization when founding relationships, but this time at work. Her therapist gave her a good advice when she told her to change her perspective at work and offer her help, but she may have misunderstood its application. It’s clear that there seems to be some kind of clique at work but she decided to tip her toe into multiple groups, which only stands to make her look opportunistic and fake.  Obviously, she will later feel the flak from that.

But what is notable is that in this episode, Issa is the one who seems to be getting things together both professionally and personally while Molly is now flailing. The one concrete thing we knew about Molly is that though her personal life is a mismanaged mess, she was in control and skilled in her career but this episode is revealing that her ego is too high and she is also very susceptible to bad career choices.

The show is finally picking up steam unlike the ones before, and Issa’s rapping, which is proving  to mean that more exciting stuff is coming forward (because we know she raps when she needs to hype herself to get through tough or uncertain times). So the question now is, how will her decisions in this episode fair and will she reap the payoffs from taking this risk?

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