This is a ferris wheel to represent the climatic moment in "Insecure" when Issa and Nathan share a passionate moment on a ferris wheel.

Issa is just the right amount of awkward.

People have been asking for more from Insecure since the premiere of season 3. Finally, the recent episode “High-like” is a response to that request through the form of sexy, carefree, and fun scenes.

The slow-moving show took a turn for energy and humor as viewers were finally able to see action, when Issa and her friends prepared to go to Coachella and then finally get there. We also get a glimpse into the intimacy between Nathan and Issa and how natural their connection feels.

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The Coachella narrative gave way to a more playful Issa. We see that she feels affirmed in her decision to leave her job to drive for Lyft and even though she doesn’t quite know what she wants to do yet, she’s comfortable with being in transition. For now, this pacifies feelings of unease about whether her decision to quit her job was a good one.

There is a calm air in this episode that makes the interactions between Issa and Nathan more potent, exhilarating and entertaining. In this episode like the last, Issa defers to him to lead when deciding to do something spontaneous. In the last episode, it was with skinny dipping and trespassing, this time, it’s taking Molly (Ecstasy).

Nathan is much more nuanced that initially presented. He is still edgy but in a controlled manner and you can tell he really likes Issa because he’s trying not to scare her off by coming off too strong.

He tries to stay in tune with Issa to understand how she’s feeling in each moment so that their interactions are smooth and effortless. He’s vulnerable in a way that’s new to both of them and their connection is organic.

He meditates and ruminates in her space, her being, and is also moved with her as he touches her softly when they are both at their peak of their high from taking Ecstasy. That scene alone and the rest that follows, as sexy and inhibited as they are, were illustrious in giving insight into how he wants to be with Issa. It seems as though he doesn’t want to hurt her or play games, he just wants to enjoy time with her. But don’t hold your breath, because we’ve learned Issa can make fast decisions without thinking (remember when she cheated with Daniel).

The rest of the episode mimicked the feel of the movie Girls Trip with Tiffany Haddish and Jada Pinkett-Smith. It was somewhat predictable and shallow in entertaining but it was fun. I mean, Molly took Molly and Kelly peed on herself so it was definitely not boring. It also helped to provide space for Tiffany to share how alienated she had been feeling since getting pregnant. But I’m still waiting to find out who she”s cheating with, but that’s a discussion for another time.

The icing on the cake was the chance meeting between Lawrence and Issa. I don’t know about you but I hate Chad and I hate Issa and Lawrence together. He’s too safe and makes Issa complacent and clearly Nathan is meant to be the fire that inspires her to make moves. The whole scene with Lawrence is annoying, he’s going to be a distraction between the relationship that’s brewing between Issa and Nathan and it’s just fitting that the person to introduce this chaos would be Chad.

Still, like Chad, as much as I don’t care for Issa and Lawrence together, I like the drama so I’m here for the nebulous ending and as most viewers will be doing, I’ll be sipping my drink waiting for the tea to spill.

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