This is Fran Drescher looking at the mirror in a beauty compact as though she is about to apply makeup and is simultaneously dazzled by the vision in the mirror, similar to the general personality of Fran in "The Nanny".
John Mathew Smith

This show has so much rewatch value.

When you’re young and you’re entering your adulthood, it’s easy to feel like your experiences are new and that only your generation is facing your issues. But chances are, your experiences are not unique and most generations before have been dealing with the same problems forever. That’s why ‘The Nanny’ is still very relevant today.

The American sitcom was originally aired on November 3, 1993 and was so popular, it ran for 6 seasons, with over 100 episodes. Since then, it’s left a legacy so pronounced, that younger viewers like Cardi B, are paying homage to the show when they can. Drescher has even said she is in talks with Cardi B about a possible remake but with a different story line where she may play Cardi’s mom or a different Fran.

The original series follows Fran Drescher as she plays Fran Fine, a fashionable jewish sales associate who lost her job at a bridal boutique as is left to do door-to door sales of cosmetics. As faith would have it, she ends up at the doorstep of Maxwell Sheffield (Charles Shaughnessy) a broadway producer who just happens to be in need of a nanny.

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Because of her flirty nature, banging body and great scene of style (in her tight clothes) Sheffield decided to gamble on Fran even though she had no experience as a nanny.

Of course since she’s not professionally trained to be a caretaker for kids, they hit a lot of pumps in the road, as Fran tries to be there for Sheffield’s children, while staying true to her quirky self.

The show is filled with other lovable characters such as Niles (Daniel Davis), the sassy butler, to Grace (Madeline Zima), the precocious 7-year-old with so much wisdom, you’d swear she’s older that she actually is.

The show is absolutely brilliant. It’s great for humor but it doesn’t stray away from mixing in cultural criticisms and political statements throughout. Fran is really a feminist to her core; the modern woman of her time and she doesn’t let the snobby and conservative voices of the rich people around her affect the way she conducts herself. Instead, the people around her conform to her and are made brighter and lighter for it.

Fran is really very tactful at navigating through different social environments and ingratiating herself when needed. As a result, as the show progresses she goes from being ignored to revered because of her ability to problem solve and persuade almost anyone to help her. She has a great heart and that translates to everyone.

The show is filled with moments where Fran deals with everyday problems that people face even now. She faces benevolent sexism, classicism, public humiliation at times and brushes up against the condescension of people who underestimate her because she is not formally educated. These are just some of the qualities that make the show so enriching.

At the very least, if you watch the show you can expect to laugh and smile a little bit after doing so. Fran is the person you can look to for confirmation that as you age, you may not have everything figured out but you should always feel comfortable to be who you truly are, uninhibited.

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